Praying In Days of Adversity

Christ for Youth International

The teachers and the Pharisees were furious and started saying to each other, “What can we do about Jesus?” 12 About that time Jesus went off to a mountain to pray, and he spent the whole night there [Luke 6:11–12 CEV].

Prayer is one of the greatest weapons/keys God has given to us as believers. Jesus, during His days on Earth, prayed very often. In this instance, from our verse for today, we read that Jesus spent an entire night praying to God the Father. Guess what; He did this at a time when the Pharisees and religious leaders were planning what they could do to hamper His ministry.

Jesus was a man of purpose. He understood his calling and the mission that God the Father had given to Him. This should be true for us as well. Would you abandon your calling and your purpose in the face of trouble? What would you do when you know people are plotting against you? Well, we would like to offer you what Jesus did, He prayed the whole night. We do not know exactly what Jesus prayed about, but what He did the next day gives us a very good idea. He prayed about His assignment and the people who were going to help Him fulfil it [see Luke 6:13].

Better than spending lots of time worried and concerned about those who plot against you, use that time in prayer. Yes, you must be intentional in praying for long. Pray concerning your purpose and the people who would help you fulfil it. Spend lots of time before God in this way. God is committed to fulfilling your life’s assignment with you if you are ready to work with Him. Obviously, no opposing force can contend with our God and win.

Praying about your purpose and those who will help you fulfil it, allows God to move you in the direction He wants you. And like Jesus going to the mountain to pray, prayer gives you fortification, and it puts you on higher grounds, above the reach of those who plot against you. So pray!

Thank You, Jesus, for being the greatest role model of all time. Thank You for leading by example, so I can follow. Please help me to pray as You did, when I am faced with adversities at all times. Amen!

Further Reading: Psalms 109:3–4

Bible In One Year: Luke [24] & John [1–3]
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