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My CYI Story

Joe Awoshie

CYI has helped me to build fellowship with people in a positive way; to develop my skills, and to grow and become a good leader (spiritually, physically, financially) etc, to impact generations.

Pami East Legon

My CYI experience has been phenomenal! Having been with the ministry for a decade now, I can say with certainty that there's no other place I'd rather be. It just keeps getting better year after year!

Jacky Kenya

My CYI experience is a Miracle. I initially thought being in ministry means being the Holy Joe but I have better knowledge now. Being human and knowing Christ is all the super power you need. The CYI family is my superhero family 👪

Yakubu Tema

CYI is a home away from home; a true family; a place where I could never hold back who I am; a place where talent never goes wasted. Frankly, I have become a better person since joining CYI.

Larisa Berlin

CYI is amazing! I was attracted by the youthful atmosphere, and I have since been groomed in my relationship with God and with people. I invite you o share in this wonderful experience with me.

Anastasia Adenta

Camp 2018 was my first CYI Camp. I was looking for an opportunity to wait on God before entering the new year. GOD BLEW MY MIND. I experienced more than I expected or imagined. It's certainly not something I can ever understand.