The Kingdom Move Podcast

The Kingdom Move Podcast is a Podcast feed for Christ for Youth international that seeks to groom the youth in fellowship and honour of God, to be like well-nurtured plants and pillars to adorn, so they become positive influences in the society they find themselves in by reaching their generation with the principles of Christ’s leadership.  

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CYI Radio

CYI radio is a global Christian online radio station aimed at providing its listeners with entertainment, education and current affairs by communicating the principles of the Kingdom of God. Thereby, building their spirit man in order to become the pillars in the society who would exert Godly influence.

CYI Blog

On the CYI Blog, we create room for youth to write… and read. LOL. Our blog is a place of refreshing, and encouragement, and a platform for the writers in CYI to share their gifts and bless us. The blog is our creative space for all kinds of written art. Here at CYI, we believe that leaders are readers, and in line with our vision to raise leaders, our blog is not just a “Readers’ Hub”, but a “Leaders’ Hub”.


CYI TV is the major visual broadcast medium for Christ for Youth International. It’s a medium through which the ministry is able to reach the world with its content, thereby promoting the Kingdom Agenda of raising a Godly society. It also serves as a medium through which major and memorable events of the ministry are preserved.

The Precious Moments Devotional

Precious Moments is a daily devotional written by a team of gifted hands in CYI with inspiration from God and in relation to our themes for the month. Our place of introduction, meeting and fellowship with the Holy Spirit is possible when we surrender to Jesus Christ and abide in His word. Precious Moments aids young people to spend quality time with the Holy Spirit and improve their walk with God as they read daily.