The Levites

Levites is our drama group. The storyline, directing and executing are all put together by members of the team. Levites is our main act during our Special December event. They put together pieces that portray several forms and types of family life and the need to appreciate Christmas and the essence of Christmas.


With a vibrant sport ministry that seeks to create the avenue for the youth to explore their sporting abilities in a purposeful environment, C.Y.I. has been able to connect young people to God through sports. God, Sports & I is our major sporting event which comes off every Easter Monday. The goal is to allow the youth to connect with each other and have fun while exercising their mind, body and also to keep them away from all the holiday frenzy which can be very misleading.


This is our prisons ministry. Matt 25:36 “I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me.” Jesus is found everywhere including the prisons. So we encourage young people to show love to prisoners as well

La Famille

Our music and celebration team, “La Famille,” is one of the vibrant peer ministries in CYI. The team is in charge of praise and worship (Celebration) at every CYI event and during our weekly Crowd Meetings. The core value of La Famille is to promote the spirit of family through music.

Care Ministry

We believe as a ministry that the needs of people must be met. Aside the spiritual needs, the physical needs must also be met. Care ministry meets towards meeting the needs of both members and people outside the ministry. We give relief items and financial assistance to the needy. During our mission trips especially we give out items to people.

Joshua Generation( J.H.S)

. We believe that the right foundation determines how these young people are going to end up. Aside the discipleship programs we run, we organize annual camp, Camp Nurture. We also offer free counseling to parents on how to raise their children at this stage. We believe that once the foundation of the children is rooted in the word of God it guides and guards them through the journey of life.

Engaged( Primary School)

 This is our outreach and discipleship program with the target of Primary School pupils. At this stage, we reckon these pupils are full of curiosity and require the right attention and sound biblical teachings to influence their ideals and train of thoughts in their growth process.

3rd Stage (Tertiary Education)

This is our outreach and discipleship program with the target of University students. A crucial time in life into adulthood, coupled with the need to make the right decisions to attain the ‘good life’ everyone dreams of. We seek to teach in a practical way the need live a purposeful life than just being focused in amassing material wealth.

Campaign For Greatness

This project is to aid senior high school students to develop or alter their attitudes towards leadership. This will improve their lives and make them pacesetters in their communities. Under campaign for greatness several modules which have been tailored to meet the understanding of students at the senior high level.
The concept of leadership; where to lead from; how to get young people committed to leadership; challenges of leadership and; the benefits of leadership, are some of the themes that are explored in our Campaign for Greatness project.

Divas For Christ

Divas 4 Christ is the women ministry of CYI which has a focus of raising ladies to become godly women. This ministry is open to all ladies within and out of CYI.

We believe as a ministry that God has special and unique place for ladies when it come to the Kingdom agenda. We believe ladies must be trained and raised up to take this special place to fulfill this special assignment. We do through discipleship, accountability and special programs.

Boys to Men

This is our sub ministry focused on raising and equipping young men in the fear of God to become the Kingdom men God has destined for them.

“A Kingdom man therefore is one who places himself under God’s rulership and submits his life to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.”- Tony Evans

Boys to Men creates an environment to ensure men are walking in the purpose for which they were created; to ensure order. Holistically it seeks groom men through discipleship through the word of God, prayer, fellowship and service.