Master the Strong Man

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“Again, how can any one enter the house of a strong man and carry off his goods, unless first of all he masters and secures the strong man: then he will ransack his house.” [Matthew 12:29 Weymouth]

From the history of Israel and indeed throughout scripture, we can clearly see that the enemy is in the business of deploying ‘mighty men’ to mount some form of resistance against the people (and move) of God. These resistances come in a myriad of ways; politically, economically and even culturally. Pharaoh, Haman, Herod, etc. Do these names ring a bell?

Things are no different in our world today. Some of the world’s most influential people are the ones that wield political and economic power. With a stroke of a pen, even miles away, their decisions in one way or the other influence the lives of people even in the remotest places. As cunning as our enemy is, he is always devising strategies to turn the hearts of ‘mighty’ men against the move of God. Do you see the urgency with which we must pray for global leaders and people in authority?

Thankfully, the word of God assures us that as Christians, the weapons of our warfare are not carnal. We do not wage war as the world wages war. Our weapons are potent to destroy the systems and agenda the enemy seeks to establish through mighty men in our days. Matthew 12:29 says to be able to plunder a strong man’s house, you must first tie him up!

To tie up the strong man is to disarm him of anything that makes him strong. What then makes men mighty in our time? Influence, wealth, authority! As believers, we must engage God in prayer and work hard so that we can also take over places of authority, power, and influence. When we do our part, God will set His people in places of authority to advance His Kingdom. There has never been a better time to ‘tie up’ wicked mighty men of the devil and disarm them of their power.

Like David, our stones may seem feeble in comparison to the shiny armour and intimidating nature of Goliath. However, we must be courageous, for our commander is the Lord of Hosts. With Him, we fight from a place of sure victory. What step will you take today that is in tandem with tying up the strong man?

Father, thank You that we already have victory in You. Please help us to live circumspectly so that we can disarm the mighty men of the enemy. As we pray, set Your people in places of power and authority in Jesus’ name. Amen

Further Reading: Isaiah 49:25 / Rev 7:12 / Rev 11:15

Bible In One Year: Acts 7 – 10
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