2018 was an amazing year for Christ for Youth International, riding on the theme Light To Our World. It was from such an amazing year that the album Light and Love was birthed. Matthew 5:14 tells us that “we are the light of the world, a city set on a hill cannot be hidden”. John 13:34 also gives us a new commandment: to love one another, “as I have loved you, so you must love another”. The message of the Light and Love album is seen clearly in scriptures like these; we have been created to shine our light and love hard, just as Christ did for us!

Another wonderful aspect of the album is the introduction of LoveBound’s first official act: LA FAMILLE!

La Famille compromises of a group of exuberant, gifted youth, whose hearts are simply on fire for God, prepared to serve Him with every ounce of talent they’ve been blessed with. They draw from other giftings, with a well thought out array of features; ranging from fire spitting rappers to eloquent spoken word acts. The album has it all!

The Light and Love album is definitely one that would leave you wanting more and it is our prayer that every song speaks to you and blesses you as much as it has blessed us.

The Light and Love album takes anyone who listens to it on a ride. It was composed, written and produced so meticulously that it provides something for every different individual. It’s the album that can get you excited and jumping one minute with a song like “City on a Hill”, calm and snapping your fingers at the profoundness of the pieces, the next with “Invitation to Light”; and then simply laid out flat in tears at the worship with a song like “You have won My Heart!”.

01.Light has won

02.In Your Name + When the Praises Go Up (Live)

03.On a Hill (Live)

04.Light & Love (Studio)

05.Light & Love (Live Extended)

06.Invitation to Light

07.For Everything (Live)

08.Holy Holy + You have won my heart (Live)

09.Till All We Want

10.Light is here + Rest

11.His Love is Light (Radio Edit)

12.His Love is Light (Extended)

13.We Are One