Sometimes, we need to get away from the noise, away from the hustle and bustle of life, and just be with God. As young people, there are more than enough distractions on a daily basis. With this in mind, we present to you Christ for Youth International’s camps… Moments where we hide ourselves to wait on God and enjoy His presence.

Leadership Camp is our annual general camp held for all CYI members and anyone who wishes to participate. Leadership Camp is the exciting way we kick off every new year. There has been 10 leadership camps in the last 10 years, and they just keep getting better. There are countless testimonies of how God has restored broken hearts and broken relationships; diverse healings; angelic visitations; and conversions to Christianity.
This year, our Leadership Camp was streamed live online. You can catch up with what you missed on CYI TV. You can also read and listen to testimonies from camp.

Camp Lifeguard (Shepherds’ Camp)

Strike the shepherd, and the sheep will scatter… but who is the shepherd’s shepherd?
Camp Lifeguard is a gathering of shepherds in CYI, where we are trained and equipped to fulfill the work of discipleship, feeding and watching the flock.

Camp Nurture

What’s a youth ministry without young people? Camp Nurture is our Senior and Junior High School camp! Are you in high school? Do you have a younger sibling or cousin who is?
Well, they are not too young to experience God.

Camp Ventured

Camp Ventured is a three-day camping event organized by the business directorate of Christ for Youth International (CYI) as part of its objective to train and equip young people to influence the world in which they find themselves. The camp is aimed at connecting like-minded young people to build a community that expresses and advances the kingdom mandate through business. Our objectives for the camp are: Building an entrepreneurial mind-set, Building a community of entrepreneurs, Building a platform which connects already existing entrepreneurs and new entrepreneurs, Expressing the kingdom mandate through business.
The targeted audience for this event are budding entrepreneurs, experienced business owners and young professionals within a range of 30-50 individuals. This camp would include Keynotes Sessions, Talk Session, Success Stories Session, Problem-Solving Session, Pitch and Mentorship Session, Panel Discussion Session, amongst others.

Camp Discovered

Camp Discovered is a camp aimed at helping the gifted in the ministry realize their many gifts and use them for the benefit of God’s kingdom. This camp equips participants with an in depth understanding of how their gifts are of relevance to the kingdom work and also how to use their gifts diligently in the delight of God and render a good account of their stewardship. We’ll have a number of practical sessions, some being group sessions, where facilitators in the various kinds of giftings will not only lead discussions and speak on vital technical areas but also facilitate activities that will challenge participants on what they have learnt, ensuring the technical growth of participants. There will be various teachings on the importance of gifts. Participants will be led through the word of God to understand the spiritual roles they have to play as stewards of their God-given gifts. There will be prayer and impartation sessions as well. Not only are the participants going to learn about and develop their gifts, but they are also going to be encouraged and challenged by great and talented people of God to go the extra mile and do personal research to improve their crafts and be knowledgeable in their various giftings.