We launched our first project, ‘BRANDED’, based on our theme for the year 2017, ‘The Walk of a Disciple’. The goal of BRANDED is to further carry forth the messages of the year, as presented each month, and to have them stay in our hearts, even as any song from the album is played.

This being our first project, BRANDED, featured a wide variety of giftings from CYI, however a shortlist of these giftings are signed on to the record label, and will be featured on consequent projects coming up later this year.

With positive feedback from our audience, we’re convinced, BRANDED, will be a blessing to all who get to experience it.

branded – man in the mirror


Track 1
In Man in the Mirror, Earl talks of his struggles with achieving his ambitions, which is to become like Christ. He talks about our daily struggles as Christians and our fight to separate ourselves from the world and all its pleasures, just so we can reflect the One that created us.
branded – dine with me


Track 2
Dine With Me speaks about our relationship with God and how he longs to be intimate with us. He's literally standing at the door of our hearts waiting for us to open up so He can come in and dine with us. It also speaks of our hesitation to completely surrender to His love and the joy and fulfilment we feel when we finally let him come in and dine with us.
branded – commission


Track 3
Do you know who you are? What is your identity? Let these amazing rappers tell you with confidence who they know they are! And be inspired as you determine your identity in Christ.
branded – hold my hand


Track 4
We all know how difficult it is to walk the walk of a true disciple right? But it's a lot much easier when we have Him holding our hands and leading the way. Julius sings about this in Hold My Hand, reminding us that we can't do it on our own, our flesh is just too stubborn! It's our prayer that as you listen to this, you surrender to God and let Him take the lead.
branded – commission


Track 5
Matthew 28:18-20, that's all Commission speaks about. And it features our very own Pastor Rod! We've been called to do great things, to bring light where there is darkness and bring glory to God's name. Let this song be a reminder! You have a purpose!
branded – no excuses


Track 6
No Excuses features Stringbond, our favourite boy band. This song highlights how greatly God has equipped us to be resourceful in our walk with Christ towards others. We won't give excuses that will hinder us from living out our purpose in expanding God's Kingdom.
branded – at the end


Track 7
At The End featuring Asabea, is a song that is a prayer on its own. It talks of our journey as we push on in the hopes of meeting Him one day. It's all of our hearts cry to God, our sincere desire that at the end we'll be found faithful and loyal to the call of Discipleship.
mend fam


Track 8
Family is not an important thing. It is Everything! Sometimes it's the best gift we could have ever received,  and we at LoveBound Records recognise that! And so we bring you FAM, featuring Mend, just to say you all are family! And the best gift we've ever received! We don't want a box of chocolates, we just want YOU!